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Flora terrace restaurant kleinbettingen

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So thrill-seekers come here too The second stage finishes in the village of Hoscheid. The second stage is probably the most strenuous part of the trail, covering over 19 km and climbing more than m. It begins in the centre of the village. Some of the objects can be played with sticks, whether borrowed or improvised out of pieces of wood. It even plays a German hiking song, which is very appropriate. There are also some more contemplative sound games, such as an impressive wooden structure, at the top end of which a wind chime moves gently.

You also see families with children here, because you can walk the 6 km Klangwee separately from the Lee Trail. There used to be 20 houses, but now only two remain, and the last residents moved away in — after the privations of the Second World War. The third stage also lives up to expectations in terms of spectacular viewpoints. They have walked more than 50 km. Down below, a train goes by and stops at the station in Kautenbach — the end of the walk.

Not much further now. The sun is going down, and they walk quickly down the hill. The three friends enjoy a well-deserved picnic on the Hockslee. Sausage, ham, cheese, bread, some water to drink — happiness can be so simple. It winds through a varied, picturesque and unspoilt landscape, where you can slow down and let your mind wander.

The Lee Trail is on unsurfaced paths, with less than 20 per cent of the way asphalted, so you need to wear suitable walking clothes and comfortable boots. Three stages: 1. From Ettelbruck to Bourscheid-Moulin: From Bourscheid-Moulin to Hoscheid: From Hoscheid to Kautenbach: In Luxembourg, the long-distance trail is never far from the railway line, so it is readily accessible, winding its way through the Ardennes range, and is a magnet for energetic walkers looking for unspoilt nature.

Address: Avenue J. The three friends have walked more than 50 kilometres and drink a well-earned beer in front of a rustic wooden pod at the Kautenbach campsite. To friendship! And what could be more relaxing than emerging from your tent or caravan at sunrise, seeing a slight haze over the water and casting your fishing line?

Nature waking up, birdsong in the peace of the morning. Perhaps a trout will bite, or a pike? Anglers can be found here throughout the season. Anglers are welcome guests at the campsites along the rivers. Here is one trying his luck in Bourscheid. Of course, campsites right beside water also have much more to offer.

Stand-up paddle boarding in Rosport and kayaking in Dillingen are just as popular as mountain biking and hiking. Most of the campsites are very close to the extensive network of footpaths that criss-crosses the Grand Duchy and extends beyond its borders. Among many other attractions, you can visit Vianden Castle, the abbey town of Echternach or, of course, the capital, Luxembourg City; there are equally well-equipped campsites everywhere.

Or you and your family can simply stay on one of the more than 80 campsites, soaking up the beauty of nature and enjoying the excellent facilities. There, you can also buy yourself a nice bottle of local wine to enjoy outside your tent in the evening, watching the sunset. The times when several overnight guests had to share a spartan room and a single toilet off a corridor are long gone.

Nowadays, with their choice of different room sizes, fair prices and a fully comprehensive offering, including nutritious meals in the Melting Pot restaurants, youth hostels are an attractive alternative to hotels and other types of accommodation. Community experience There are currently nine youth hostels in Luxembourg. Most of them are ultra modern and very well equipped. Each has its own unique features — be it a climbing wall or indoor playground.

What all have in common is a philosophy that can best be described as an "all-round feel good sensation". Facilitators organise events such as sightseeing, themed walks or climbing tours, with the educational aspect ever-present alongside fun and the community experience. Sustainability and environmental protection feature prominently within all youth hostels and are much more than just a fleeting trend. A fridge was installed in Hollenfels selling surplus cooked food from the hostel at low prices to avoid it being thrown away.

Action writ large: The Echternach sports youth hostel boasts a trampoline in addition to a 14m-high climbing wall. The nearby lake affords relaxation, fun and games. Its dredged pond makes the small winegrowing village a popular destination for bathers in its own right. There are beehives in Esch-surAlzette and the capital, as well as in Marienthal close to the Hollenfels youth hostel, with the honey available for purchase in the hostel shops.

The youth hostel in Luxembourg City, with its large terrace with the old town as a backdrop, is also popular among locals — for a low cost and simple lunch. An architectural highlight is the house in Esch-sur-Alzette in the south of the country, right next to the railway station and close to the vibrant scene of Esch-Belval with the Rockhal, University campus and a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants.

Likewise with the food at the youth hostels, a holistic and sustainable philosophy is now gaining traction. As far as possible, care is being taken in all culinary aspects only to use regional, seasonal, fairly produced and traded products. When overnight guests set off on an excursion, there is no new plastic bottle in their lunch packet; instead there are stops along the way where they can refill their own bottles or bottles purchased at the hostel.

And so each stay broadens awareness, by osmosis so to speak, without any pedagogical finger wagging. Tourism and nature protection, an harmonic interaction. Enjoy the diverse and harmonic landscape with its huge diversity in flora and fauna. Toerisme en milieubescherming, een harmonisch samenspel. Het natuurpark Boven-Sure omvat 5 gemeentes en ligt rondom het stuwmeer van de Boven-Sure. Geniet U ook van het veelvoudige en harmonische landschap met zijn grote soortverscheidenheid van flora en fauna.

Textile museum Cloth factory , Tourist Information and shop with local products Textielmuseum, toeristische informatie en een winkel met regionale produkten. Nature discovery tours with the solar boat on the lake Natuur ontdekkings bootvaarten met de zonneboot op het stuwmeer. Plants and vegetables play the leading role — against a backdrop of imaginative stories in which the forest has a very special part. Within the first 30 metres, he has plucked four or five edible treasures from the forest floor redolent with the fragrance of fresh earth.

For Mathieu, the plant hunter and gatherer, each season has its own appeal. Many plants taste best in spring and summer, but the autumn also has treasures in store. And in the winter? The chef patrols the frozen fallen leaves in search of especially beautiful fir branches to decorate his dishes. Upon conclusion of the herb hunt, Mathieu will have presented a good dozen plants and herbs, very different parts of which will subsequently end up on the plate: sometimes he uses the sweet bitterness of the bracken fern root to lend aroma, sometimes flowers, leaves or stems are used.

Woodland walk It is seldom the obvious possible uses that interest the chef: woodruff, he explains for example, can taste very similar to tonka beans, heather can be reduced to a jus, which goes wonderfully with pumpkin. And hazelnut leaves? Together with button mushrooms, pear and hazelnut, they make an absolutely fantastic mille-feuille. Several times a week and every day in summer he goes on the hunt through the hollows of the meadows and woods surrounding the castle.

Or he stops at some of his favourite haunts on his way into work early in the morning. The regular mantra for the young. Obviously, playing with expectations is part and parcel of this. For example, anyone who suddenly has an entire flowerpot set before them on the table correctly surmises that, in addition to the plant and flowers with a creamy filling, the soil is edible as well.

The answer to the mystery: roasted black breadcrumbs. As such, it can easily happen that guests sample several completely plant-based dishes at once, despite having ordered the regular menu. Aroma symphony In selecting his ingredients, he sets great store by regional products, which he purchases from nearby farms and gardens.

Products from other worlds of pleasure inspire the Michelinstarred chef, such as the creations he enhances with evocative perfumes. The Belgian King and Queen visited recently, and Angela Merkel as well, the chef explains, has twice had dinner in the castle with its wonderful views. He likes to sketch ideas for new dishes with crayons. For Mathieu at least, playing with aromas is an everyday experience in the kitchen.

The chef is constantly developing edible creations with a fragrance reminiscent of their namesake, and which also tastes of their essences. Upon conclusion of the herb hunt, Mathieu will have presented a good dozen plants and herbs, very different parts of which will subsequently end up on the plate. His cuisine is purist in execution, but poetic in conception. The magazine is published online and as a seasonal print edition in three languages German, French, English.

There are often music festivals, craft markets, weddings and other celebrations going on here. The building is open to visitors upon application. Fresh breeze in the vines At the Luxembourg Moselle, a new generation of winegrowers is coming to the fore — with fresh ideas and a shared goal to make absolute top quality wines.

Ahn is a charming village, sited where the Donverbach stream flows into the Moselle, and surrounded by highly photogenic hillsides. In the centre of the village is an estate which is now being managed by two young men: Nicolas and Mathieu Schmit 27 and Although the estate is long-established founded in the 18th century , it certainly moves with the times.

In , Armand and Nicolas decided to start converting the whole estate to organic. They are convinced that by banishing synthetic chemicals, nature will provide them with better wines. Although enormous, the challenge has turned out to be a resounding success.

In the cellar, Jeff has found his style by producing wines which give voice to their beautiful origins. His wines are modern, lively and always well-balanced. The young winemaker also had a hunch that by taking a chance with wine tourism he could make a name for himself. He has therefore. After three years of converting to organic methods at the Maison Viticole Schmit-Fohl, the first certified organic wines will come from the harvest.

Up until then, his father Guy used to sell his grapes to other winegrowers. However, when the time came for Jeff to take over, he decided he wanted to produce his own wines. He already had some very fine plots in highly. Given its structure, purity and dazzling mineral quality, this wine can be kept for a very long time indeed: ten years at least and no doubt much longer. A great Riesling to be enjoyed with fine food! Although Corinne Kox has one foot in the past, she is also firmly focused on the future!

Last year, she was the first private winemaker to try using drones to spray her vines. The experiment, which was carried out on a few plots, was an emphatic success. With her parents, Corinne regularly organises wine evenings and tastings in their gorgeous property in the heart of Remich. At 28, he has taken over from his father, Aly, a prominent figure in the organization. In , the Leonardy family was the first to cultivate plots organically for the cooperative.

Located in a Natura zone, the only way of being able to cultivate them was to go organic and the Leonardy family had no hesitation. The work is more complicated, but also far more interesting because you have to think carefully all the time! To showcase these wines, the cooperative launched a new range that was an instant commercial success.

Does this mean that Pit will farm more hectares organically? Doing the same old thing, season after season, is simply out of the question - quite the opposite. With its 1, hectares, the Luxembourg Moselle is no giant player on the global winemaking scene; however, it does produce wonderful wines worthy of its terroirs. There is no shortage of possibilities to stop and taste good wines at various winegrowers.

Road Trip The car glides along, the asphalt humming beneath the tyres. Leisurely, unhurried. Past alleys of trees, castles, enchanting villages. Sun visor down, window open. Road trip through the Valley of the Seven Castles.

What lies beneath its surface? Perhaps only fallen branches, perhaps a dark secret Perched atop a metre-high rocky outcrop, Hollenfels Castle keeps watch over the Eisch valley. The summit is no place for vertigo sufferers. A trip right out of a road movie. A journey through the Valley of the Seven Castles is a true journey through time: one for unhurried contemplation, enjoyment and taking things easy.

It lies nestled in the valley on the banks of the river Eisch. There is a tower not far from the castle with more than a passing resemblance to that in the tale of Rapunzel — except that it is a tower in honour of the blessed Yolanda, who dwelt and worked in. It starts in Mersch with breakfast at Chocolate House, directly opposite the castle, which nowadays accommodates the town council.

A fountain babbles, roses are in bloom; as you pass through the gate, you leave the busy main road behind you. Take tourist information with you from the tower and hit the road. The route to Marienthal takes you past the enchanting Hunnebour. The popular picnic site is situated by a pond, where Attila the Hun is said to have watered his horses.

The water is credited with healing powers. Stepping out of your car here and taking a few short paces through the woods is pure relaxation. On the tour, the fortified tower of Schoenfels castle looms up in the very heart of the forest. The old keep is all that remains of the 13th century castle complex.

The English garden invites you to wander around. Nowadays, the monastery walls accommodate a youth training centre. The next official stop on the route through the Valley of the Seven Castles is the fortress of Hollenfels, whose almost metre-high keep. The metrehigh castle tower of Schoenfels is the most imposing fortified and inhabited tower in the area.

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved it as a backdrop for his films. Behind the walls, tourists encounter a modern information centre. The fortress of Hollenfels, first mentioned in the 11th century, has been home to a youth hostel for many years. It is currently being completely renovated. The idyllic village of Septfontaines, is situated at the very centre of the Eisch valley. The area was already settled in Roman times.

Exactly when the castle came into being the historians do not know. Nowadays it is in private ownership. The large and magnificent gardens of the so-called New Castle of Ansembourg are fascinating. Very special rose varieties are to be found here, and visitors can stroll, breathe deeply, find peace. The castle was built in the 17th century by one of the early pioneers of the iron industry and exudes the spirit of the Renaissance.

It is home to an annual festival. It is slap bang in the middle of the village. The castle may be a ruin but there is a modern information centre within. There are also concerts staged here all the time for you to enjoy, not least the medieval festival. The castle being privately owned, it can. Be it Luxembourgish specialities or international cuisine, Guttland is a popular gourmet hotspot.

A swirl of stars in the black universe, then the belly of a pregnant woman, half in shadow, half in light. The nucleus of life. In black and white. The colours, though, are there, in your head and your heart. As are the emotions.

The now legendary exhibition was created in the s, at a time when the war that had driven people apart was over. Steichen wanted to show the things that connect people, not what divides them. The people in the room with me seem to be far away. What are they thinking about?

Where do they see themselves in this exhibition? Each of us began as a speck of stardust and will be so again. Into a life that is colourful and monotone, noisy and silent, beautiful and dreadful. I have to turn away from the other visitors at the exhibition briefly, because I have tears in my eyes.

Perfectly staged, skilfully lit, it is an understated total artwork that appears to have grown naturally. Every visit reveals something new. What should a portrait of humanity look like? What are the key themes? Each picture in the exhibition seems to hang exactly where it belongs, giving the impression of an organic entity. Three little girls stand in front of a small, isolated house surrounded by an overgrown meadow. They grip the fence and stare at me gravely, the older two dark-haired, the youngest blonde.

It makes me think of my own girls. Two tall brunettes, one small blonde. They are about the same age as the girls in the photo, about whom I know nothing. Neither what became of them nor how long they lived. And yet I feel a connection with them. Simply because I have seen them. And so it goes on — through the exhibition and through the cycle of life. Childhood with or without schooling, hard work, but also parties and friendship, love and sexuality, faith, struggles and wars — every aspect of what it is to be.

Steichen brought these people together, regardless of their race, gender or class. Through the photographs, he wanted to find a common language. Some of the photographs were taken by well-known photographers of their time, others by amateurs. Out of millions of pictures, they and their assistants selected just over photographs from 68 countries, and civil rights activist Dorothy Norman compiled the accompanying quotations from world literature and contemporary documents.

He did not take all the photographs for the exhibition himself; he collected, compared and collated them. After spending years travelling the whole world as a touring exhibition, the pictures came to rest in the very north of Luxembourg, in Clervaux Castle. They are now on the Unesco World Documentary Heritage list.

Following its years on tour as from , the exhibition has been in Clervaux since , and will probably stay there forever. Steichen, who was born in Bivange, wanted the pictures to remain in Luxembourg, his home country, and be on display here. Due to shortage of space, only half the pictures can ever be displayed at one time in the water tower.

But even this arrangement works, because of the interaction with visitors. The dark, round rooms create a concentrated atmosphere. To the old couple on a swing, flying high together and laughing. And to the baby. Because it could be any baby. Including mine. Birgit Pfaus-Ravida is a writer at Visit Luxembourg and mother of three. Devised by the renowned curator Francesco Bonami, it offers a portrait of humanity at the beginning of the 21st century.

Presented on three levels of the museum, it is one of the most ambitious exhibitions organised by the Mudam to date. It features works by more than 30 artists from 16 countries and includes a selection of works from the Mudam collection. A whole city in sound As pianist, composer and producer, Francesco Tristano spectacularly combines classical piano and Baroque music with techno and electro beats. His music constantly surprises.

The artist with Italian roots travels the world, mixes styles, and explodes boundaries. In the 18th century, Bach demonstrated an immense power to innovate, just like John Cage, a pioneer of new music of the 20th century. Some listeners may be irritated and not immediately appreciate the things the two composers have in common. But if you allow yourself to enter this fusion, you will soon testify that musical boundaries shift, lose themselves — and ultimately disappear.

Francesco Tristano, born in , is a pianist, composer and producer. He began playing the piano aged five, and gave his first concert featuring his own compositions at thirteen. From the first delicate rays of sunlight that shone into his hotel room to the traffic that hummed throughout the night — on each of his stays in Tokyo, Francesco Tristano was quite literally soaking up impressions.

Music began to develop in him, electronic carpets of sound along with rapid piano runs, repeatedly interspersed with spoken words and sounds. Sometimes these are simply sustained tones combined with blackand-white screens, and sometimes they are people wildly dancing on the streets, as though seen through a kaleidoscope.

Francesco Tristano grew up in Luxembourg. Unconsciously, definitely. Generally, I have the feeling that my music and my whole personality are greatly influenced by my childhood. On the one hand, that comes from living with my mum, who taught me openness and tolerance and played a lot of cool music to me.

On the other hand, my Italian grandma, my nonna, mainly looked after me in. Her pizza and pasta shaped me too he laughs. As a Luxembourg artist, do you have to go abroad in order to return changed and inject life into the scene here? First off, I should say this: I am very, very grateful for the fantastic musical training I received in Luxembourg with my piano teacher and at the Conservatoire. But at sixteen I wanted to gather other impressions.

I knew that if. I wanted to learn more, I needed to get away. As far away as possible. So I went to New York. That naturally influenced and enriched me, gave me my musical maturity. Where do you like to go when you visit Luxembourg? In the evenings, I still very much like going to my favourite Italian restaurant, Dal Notaro. I was always in there as a child, and I learnt the right way to make pizza dough.

And I would sit and play at the piano there. Your music transports the listener, and at times is reminiscent of club sounds. In an environment such as the Philharmonie concert hall, that can feel very unusual and boundary-breaking. At a concert with a seated audience, there have been occasions when some people have come down in front of the stage and danced. You should and ought to simply to do that!

Stand up, dance! Today, he lives in Barcelona and Luxembourg. Seeing this chair, you would think that, just a moment ago, someone was sat here reading. And all the other furniture, heavy wood with intricate carving made between the 18th century and the Jugendstil period, also appears to be in regular use. The Renaissance chateau in Beaufort has a magic all of its own. Make an appointment for a guided tour that brings the past to life.

On the guided tours, visitors learn a lot about the somewhat complicated history of the chateau and of the nearby fortified castle that was built at the end of the 12th century and can also be visited: turbulent times, betrayals, struggles for independence. A magazine about roses lies on the little table. Next to it, a vase containing blooms of the queen of flowers.

You would think that, just a moment ago, someone was sat here reading. Everywhere there are pens and other writing materials, books, ticking clocks, fine crockery and silver cutlery. However, the lady of the house will not be coming back — Madame Anne-Marie Linckels passed away in Nevertheless, visitors to the Renaissance chateau in Beaufort still get the feeling that she may come through the door at any moment.

Today, you can visit her rooms and walk in the footsteps of the chatelaine, who lived here until her ninety-eighth year. The black telephone with a dial that she used to use, the photographs — everything has been kept the same. You can literally feel the presence of Madame Linckels here. That is without doubt partly thanks to Jacqueline Kuijpers, who looks after it all and guides visitors through the rooms.

She knew the old lady very well; she was her housekeeper and she has lived in the chateau since Indeed, she has spent most of her life here and saw her three children grow up within its extensive walls; she knows every corner of the castle and, of course, the garden, too.

Right to the end, she used to go to the rose beds to make sure that the plants were being pruned correctly. Until the very end of her life, she prepared her food herself in the chateau kitchen. Then she would go to dine alone in the big. Madame was a strict disciplinarian but also very kindhearted, says the housekeeper, who sometimes almost regarded herself as one of the family.

Every walk through the chateau brings back many memories for Jacqueline Kuijpers, and visitors sense that. At the same time, of course, they learn a lot about the somewhat complicated history of the chateau and of the nearby fortified castle that was built at the end of the 12th century and can also be visited: turbulent times, betrayals,.

The round defensive tower offered good views of the surroundings, from which an attack could be expected at any time. From the road, you first see the older fortified castle built in the Middle Ages. It has not been lived in for a very long time and has become derelict over the years. The blackcurrants are grown nearby, between Eppeldorf and Beaufort. However, the dowager Anne-Marie Linckels was allowed to live there until the end of her days. The blackcurrants are now grown nearby, between Eppeldorf and Beaufort, after having been imported from France for a number of years.

Visitors can taste and purchase the liqueur in the medieval castle. It can be enjoyed cold with mineral water, as a Kir Royal, or in hot water as a kind of grog. A liqueur like that restores your strength — perhaps after a fascinating but scary visit to the castle dungeon, where the heavy chains on the wall give you an idea of just how terrible it must have been to be left to rot in this damp, cold, mouldy place.

What a contrast to the magnificent rooms of the Renaissance chateau with their floral wallpapers, whence you take home a slight feeling of sadness — and the faint scent of roses. Guided tours: During the main season, from March until 3 November, guided tours of the Renaissance chateau take place regularly by appointment for groups of eight people or more.

I got an invitation from friend and I already set up high expectations. And we just arrived there and it was even better, The castle and the surroundings are beautiful, like in fairytales. No extra decorations, so Inside the same was waiting for us. We went upstairs, very little decoration and some dry plant pots on the table.

Turned out that was an appetiser, I mean the leaf and the lentil balls on a stone bed. There are 2 menus, one is full vegetarian, the other is with meat or fish. I ate some fried leafs and vegetables with fois gras and a special sauce. It was as perfectly cooked and served as the main dish, a beef with cabbage.

The dessert had something with pine and they made the table magical by dry ice and some perfumed water added. The waiter s were paying attention but never disturbed. The place had only a few tables upstairs, so we could talk and we had a really easy and nice conversation in this amazing place so we didn't even see that 2,5 hours just passed so fast.

Of course the chef came and asked us that all was good, and we got some small bon bons at the end as well, plus a special chocolate ball filled with some kind of liqueur. All in all it was a perfect experience to me. I will definitely go back. Note that better to book early as they have limited and scheduled access only. Used to book this restaurant several times before.

Was always happy so far with the taste and the presentation of the various dishes. At this occasion for lunch , I was disappointed , because it seems that the restaurant has choosen a different The dishes were very small , and overprized.

Paid No longer acceptable. I'm living next door to this place , enjoyed it quit often, but at this price I expect at lunch time something different! Was not amused! This place is situated in one of the most charming spots in Luxembourg, not far from the capital city. It is the brasserie spin-off of one of the best star-restaurants in Luxembourg.

The price is affordable for an always elaborate set menu. You should reserve Location exceptional especially during summer in the fantastic terrace of the antique castle. The food is fantastic for a brasserie an not much different from the starred restaurant located inside the Castile Price are good to be a Great food in a very nice location.

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Brasserie Cote Cour, Bourglinster. See all restaurants in Bourglinster. All photos Ratings and reviews 4. Location and contact 8 Rue du Chateau, Bourglinster Luxembourg. Regional produce and vegetables are painstakingly ass Is this restaurant family-friendly?

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Zeal Vietnamese Restaurant Claimed. All photos 9. Ratings and reviews 4. Is this a fast food place? Yes No Unsure. Can a vegan person get a good meal at this restaurant? Is this restaurant family-friendly? Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? Is this restaurant good for lunch?

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Time of year. Language English. All languages. English Show reviews that mention. All reviews roast duck great food takeout ginger cope starters. Selected filters. Updating list Reviewed 2 weeks ago Local Suprise. Date of visit: January Reviewed 22 November via mobile Great food, long wait. Date of visit: November Reviewed 8 July Dinner at Zeal. Date of visit: July Reviewed 8 March via mobile Beautiful food served by very attentive staff. Date of visit: March Reviewed 7 March Lovely Suburban restaurant with tasty portioned meals.

Date of visit: February Reviewed 31 December Fresh tasty ingredients. Date of visit: December Reviewed 30 December via mobile Some lovely dishes. Reviewed 9 September Zeal Vietnamese Restaurant. Date of visit: September Debra C. Reviewed 10 May Fresh and fantastic! Date of visit: May View more reviews.

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Check the menu out there's one dish that's Vietnamese what a joke there Chinese asian fusion with exorbitant prices. Response from SWAjohnc Reviewed this property. Staffs are all friendly and accommodating. The food is not that great or fantastic but are ok. But the place Price is reasonable as well. Overpriced for average quality of food. Just a good place for photography.

But customer service is great. Food: Good! Service: 5star.. Nice place, great location, friendly staff, have to try!! The food is not tasty at all, but eatable. Some people say it is a good location for celebrating birthday and etcs. But for me, the place is poorly maintained, flower is dusty But, good point is the staff is attentive and we dont wait longger for the food.

Nice place if you planning for girls party baby shower, birthday parties etc and apparently they can cater for any majlis. Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. See all restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Flora Terrace at Hampshire Place Claimed. All photos Ratings and reviews 3. Is this restaurant appropriate for Kids? Yes No Unsure. Is this restaurant good for brunch?

Is this restaurant romantic? Is this a Chinese restaurant? Is this an Italian restaurant? Is this restaurant good for breakfast? Is this a Malaysian restaurant? Does this restaurant offer highchairs for toddlers? Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant?

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The Beatrice Hotel

Date of visit: December Reviewed 8 March via mobile Beautiful food served by very attentive. Is this restaurant a hidden. Reviewed 9 September Zeal Vietnamese. Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things. Date of visit: March Reviewed updates and message other travellers. Date of visit: July Reviewed 7 March Lovely Suburban restaurant lovely dishes. Is this restaurant good for. All reviews roast duck great. Cuisines: Australian, ItalianPizza. PARAGRAPHIs this restaurant family-friendly.

MICHELIN Guide's Point of View. In the castle courtyard, this nostalgic brasserie has installed its terrace on the city ramparts. Regional produce and vegetables. Flora 2. Italian. Pétange. Like 0 like. Add to my choices. Opening hours Book this restaurant online. Choose the Service and comfort. Terrace: 6. Services. Jacoby - Restaurant De Bräiläffel. Kleinbettingen Pommerloch · Hotel-​Restaurant Terrace, Bettendorf Bungalows FLORA & SYLVI. Kaundorf · hlpa facade.