betting your soul summary plan

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Betting your soul summary plan

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Your Soul's Plan tells the stories of ten individuals who-like you-planned before birth to experience great challenges. Working with four gifted mediums and channels, author Rob Schwartz discovers what they chose-and why.

He presents actual pre-birth planning sessions in which souls discuss their hopes for their upcoming lifetimes. In so doing he opens a window to the other side where we, as eternal beings, design both our trials and our potential triumphs. Through these remarkable stories of pre-birth planning, you can: Learn why each of us decides to experience such challenges as illness, the death of a loved one, and accidents.

Other challenges explored from the perspective of pre-birth planning include being the parent of a handicapped child, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Click here to order Your Soul's Plan. Through her illness Doris learnt the correct use of sexual energy, acceptance of the female form and self-love. The two boys were brothers in a previous life, where they also were Nazis.

It helps her to know herself. We also learn about Bob, who is blind. His life plan was designed to give him a deeper understanding of self-love through both its lack and the experience of its subsequent creation. The persons involved planned not only their addiction, but the specific addictive substance. We learn to see drug addicts not as such but as courageous souls who undertook the life challenge of drug addiction to learn self-nurturing.

Pat, the alcoholic, had carried into this life the energy of fear. His plan was that fear would cause alcoholism, which in turn could lead to a healing of fear. He planned not only his alcoholism but the surmounting of that addiction. He had lost his connection with the All That Is, with God, with his own divine nature and spirituality.

The return to seeking and achieving spiritual connection is motivated by the total lack of it, which the alcoholism causes. This was a classic learning-through-opposites life plan. The chapters on the death of a loved one and accidents are equally instructive. I found the book as a whole to be thoroughly illuminating, insightful, informative, satisfying, comforting and perfectly expressed. I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone. It is one of the most important books I have read this year, in fact, ever.

Well, I think this is one of those rare books that will change my life. I'd read a book on this subject before, Journey of Souls, which was trying to be more objective and scientific, so I was ready for this one. I definitely recommend this to anyone going through a difficult time. May 14, Jean rated it really liked it Recommends it for: believers in reincarnation. I found this book while taking Metaphysical courses. It disucsses reincarnation, and how our soul's plan what they need to grow to perfection.

We choose the situations we are born in, to balance our karma and gain the experiences we need to do so. We also do this in "Soul Groups" so if you feel like you know someone the first time you met them, they were likely a part of your life in a different incarnation. This was a very interesting read. Sep 07, Tusk added it. One book that never leaves my coffee table, or even my briefcase when I travel, as I consider it one of the most important tools of my life, Robert Schwartz' "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" brings summation, understanding, compassion, affirmation, and most importantly courage to the forefront.

This book is a miracle. Not everyone is ready for this information. Yet when it comes your way, expect to be changed -- or not -- personally, i One book that never leaves my coffee table, or even my briefcase when I travel, as I consider it one of the most important tools of my life, Robert Schwartz' "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" brings summation, understanding, compassion, affirmation, and most importantly courage to the forefront.

Yet when it comes your way, expect to be changed -- or not -- personally, it has given me great confidence after one of the most challenging lives imaginable. Beyond mere words, it is a gift to the world and if you feel you are questioning your place in this existence I would encourage you to find it.

It makes a valuable gift to friends who are coping with challenge; thank you to Robert Schwartz for making it happen. Keep teaching us, Robert. Christophe Johnston Portland, OR Feb 07, Cobus Koekemoer rated it really liked it. I urge everyone to read this book. Just by knowing there is a bigger picture truth and by expanding your perspective, your physical life in general becomes more meaningful and your attitude towards your life and everyone you encounter will change for the better.

You will become aware of what is truly important and stop "sweating the small stuff. Apr 21, Sverre rated it liked it Shelves: metaphysics. This material is what sceptics would call delusional and fundamentalists term as demonic. I think this is an honest effort but those of us who have explored multiple dimensions of the soul's journey, as provided by various sources, would find the concepts in this book comprehensible but not easily compatible with spiritual sensibility.

From this side of the veil, from an ethical, moral and karmic perspective it does seem to go against the grain to put ourselves in the position of superior judgmen This material is what sceptics would call delusional and fundamentalists term as demonic. From this side of the veil, from an ethical, moral and karmic perspective it does seem to go against the grain to put ourselves in the position of superior judgment, delegating instant forgiveness--even commendation--to ourselves or others when committing ignorant, hateful or evil acts.

This book can give readers the feeling that as far as our earthly lives are concerned we are often merely puppets in a predetermined game of chess in which free will is given little opportunity to function. I can't help but be a might cynical in respect to this material's emphasis on the frequent goodness of badness. It reminds me quite a bit of the god of Neale Donald Walsch in which moralistic relativism is a strong suit and we are not to attempt to second guess the Grand Scheme of things.

It is difficult for me to picture a woman--being one of the "enlightened" ones--who has just been brutally raped, turning to her attacker and saying something like: "I am sure this experience was something I needed and our souls both agreed to, so thank you, and God bless you Those who find soul research interesting would be much more challenged by the concepts in "Michael for the Millennium" by Yarbro.

I much prefer the works of Michael Newton and the Edgar Cayce legacy. May truth be wherever we find it! View 1 comment. May 30, Paul rated it really liked it. Shakespeare said that all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. This author goes one step further and says that we helped write the play, especially our own part. Whether you believe that or not, this book emphasizes that karma means not punishment, but opportunities, with useful insight in recognizing those opportunities in our own lives.

Dec 31, Saiisha rated it it was amazing. I love recommending this book to my clients who are looking for answers to some of their situations or choices in life. It's a fascinating read with 10 detailed case studies, and it's impossible not to find parallels or answers to some of your own questions.

Jan 21, Carole rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing book Only one other book resonated with my heart and soul and made me feel like I had found a guide book for living as a human and it was The New Earth, this books shows us why we are who we are in this lifetime. Love Love Loved it. Jan 04, Gregg rated it it was amazing Shelves: metaphysics. Lovely Material to Awaken your Soul Memory!

I read this book a long time ago. I gave it away out of gratitude. Wish I could give an in-depth recommendation Know that if you are a person earnestly seeking for spiritual answers, for your mind to be changed and world-view to be enriched, if the concept of soul families and pre-birth intention appeals to you, this book is for you.

It did my heart so good. It will give you higher perspectives on any struggle diseases, addictions, having disabled children, loss of Loved Ones, etc. I remember the touching impact Penelopes story had on me.. I consider it a memory gifted to the One on his conscious path back home, encouraging forgiveness and letting go. I can only say: If you hear the calling, go for it. They may not be for everyone. But for those they are their beauty will be revealed inevitably. Oct 09, Ellyn rated it really liked it.

I loved gaining the understanding or thought of relaxing since all that we go through serves to teach us and give us more to love in this life! This book was life changing, referred to me from my life partner who is convinced this life is not the first we've interacted on.

Very thought provoking read. Highly recommended. Jun 24, Nicole rated it really liked it. Subject continues to fascinate me, love learning about the soul, both in religious and spiritual terms. Feb 23, Divya rated it really liked it. I read the book slowly, over many weeks, giving myself time to digest and mull over the matter - reflecting as I was reading through. This book is centred on the basic premise that all the worlds a stage, we write the play, especially our own part in it, to learn certain lessons, that help in spiritual evolution, the quicker you learn, the more you discover about life and living.

Brian Weiss called Many Lives Man I read the book slowly, over many weeks, giving myself time to digest and mull over the matter - reflecting as I was reading through. Brian Weiss called Many Lives Many Masters, a psychologist, that uses past life regression in therapy with miraculous results. While that book was more like this happened and then this result ensued, this book went more into the why, what were the lessons learned, how this can be applied to more people at large.

So while nothing in this book was earth shatteringly new material, there was something refreshing here. I liked the format of stories, it was very impactful. I like the emphasis on life lessons that were woven into stories through the book.

I felt like some more information on how he found people to interview and how he found the people who made his book possible was lacking - it could have added more context. And some stuff seemed repetitive. But overall, lovely read. Aug 24, Xavier rated it it was amazing Shelves: spirituality. Great concepts overall to realize that everything happens for a reason. This book is a very interesting exploration of the idea that we choose our lifes challenges before we are born, that our suffering is not in vain.

We are supposed to be growing stronger in spirit through each difficult thing we face in life. And yes we do have free will that can change these plans we made before we were bron. I just wis This book is a very interesting exploration of the idea that we choose our lifes challenges before we are born, that our suffering is not in vain.

If I could though life would probably be to easy for me and I wouldn't learn as fully from my experiences. If your interested in understanding things on a more spiritual level then this would be a great book to read! If you are into self-help books, then this is a book for you. Robert Schwartz, with the help of several people he interviewed, has searched for meaning and purpose to help others live courageously.

His information is channeled for these individuals, in an attempt to discover the reason behind their life problems they have faced. R If you are into self-help books, then this is a book for you. Robert manages to turn all these problems into life learning experiences, which changes a persons perspective and allows some hope to enter into the individuals lives.

If you feel you are struggling in your life, then maybe you really do need to read this book. I received this book in a Giveaway from The Library Thing. May 26, Suzanne rated it it was ok. I 'read' the audiobook version of this book. It was narrated by the author. Although I found the subject matter interesting and illuminating at first, the book quickly became monotonous due to the narrators's voice and the repetitiveness in his writing.

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In “Your Soul's Plan,” Robert beautifully organized information he well, that takes his theme of pre-birth soul planning and looks at more life. Seven Common Ways People Play Russian Roulette With Their Souls Summary The stakes are high, you might say you bet your life! As I understand it. “God has a wonderful plan for your life,” declares a well-known tract. the thought of being a missionary in China, so I bet that's what God will tell me to do!