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As sports leagues have been put on pause so has the gambling industry. Unlike most of the other things on this list, there are some sportsbooks actually taking bets on the weather. For instance, Bovada is taking wagers on the temperature in multiple cities. Daytime TV is loaded with mind-numbing content that may need a bit of gambling to spice things up.

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Betting raja poster size

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Wood is just breaking out and might soon secure a big free-agent deal, but up until this season he was never quite able to find his footing as a super athletic big with 3-point range. Toppin has a similar skillset and physical profile, though he'll enter the league with more seasoning and accomplishments than Wood did.

Sweet spot: Brandon Clarke. Clarke began his NBA career as a year-old and was a bright spot on a surprising Grizzlies squad last season. Toppin is ready to be similarly impactful as a rookie, and shows potential as both a four and a five, just like Clarke. Ceiling: Mike Conley. If Hayes can improve his 3-point stroke the way Conley did, he can have a solid career as a borderline All-Star and key contributor on contending teams.

Hayes is a brilliant pick-and-roll passer and has a strong pull-up game like Conley. He has a long way to go to match Conley's defensive impact, but the tools are there as a point guard. Floor: Kendall Marshall. Marshall was a great passer, but athletically he just couldn't cut it in the NBA.

This likely won't be the case for Hayes, but he's certainly not an elite athlete at the next level, which has to raise a few red flags. Never a star, Miller played a thousand NBA seasons by being solid and reliable. Miller was able to thrive without a consistent 3-point shot, something that might not be possible for a point guard in the modern NBA, but Hayes has strong mechanics that suggest he'll be a competent shooter.

Ceiling: Brandon Ingram. Of all the 3-and-D prospects in the draft, Vassell shows the most offensive upside. Ingram came in as more of a scorer and less of a shooter than Vassell, but eventually their trajectories could overlap if Vassell continues to develop.

At the very least, Vassell will be able to lock down perimeter players and hit spot-up 3s, making him a valuable asset for any contending team for a long time. An eight-time All-Defense forward, Cooper never averaged over 12 points per game but still had a successful and memorable NBA career. With his ability to get out in transition and knock down open 3s, Vassell might have a similar path. Before injuries ended his career, Roy was one of the most well-rounded offensive players in the league -- a title Haliburton could one day assume if everything comes together.

Like Roy, Haliburton can play both guard positions and alternate between scoring and facilitating as the game dictates. Teammates just liked playing with Roy, and Haliburton has a similar feel. Floor: Garrett Temple. Some talent evaluators aren't sold on Haliburton as a lead facilitator, so that leaves some questions about what he is in the NBA. There's a chance that he just becomes a solid player who's very good at a lot of things, but not elite at any of them.

If that's the case, it should still lead to a long career like Temple's. Sweet spot: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Haliburton's trainer, Joe Abunassar, told me that he "glides" when he moves, which immediately made me think of Gilgeous-Alexander.

They have a similar ability to get to their spots despite non-elite athleticism, and both can knock down 3-pointers while affecting the game in multiple ways. Ceiling: De'Aaron Fox. Lightning quick with great ability to score in transition and on pull-up jumpers in the halfcourt, Lewis is very reminiscent of Fox.

They both have a solid floater game and are adept finishers around the rim, while also being able to play make for others. Lewis' 3-point shot is better than Fox's at the same stage. Floor: Ish Smith. If Lewis is unable to defend or become a knock-down 3-point shooter, he could have the destiny of a change-of-pace backup point guard like Smith.

Sweet spot: Coby White. Lewis is probably a better playmaker than White, but both put pressure on the defense with relentless speed and scoring ability. If given the opportunity, Lewis could have a similarly successful rookie campaign. Ceiling: Khris Middleton. Middleton made the jump from a role player to an All-Star, and that's definitely in the cards for Bey if he gets into the perfect situation. He's already a knock-down 3-point shooter and potentially elite defender at Floor: Patrick Patterson.

Bey isn't the most dynamic athlete despite his defensive prowess, so he could become a strong wing defender and pick-and-pop option, leading to a long career like Patterson's. Sweet spot: Robert Covington. Bey has the potential to be an elite wing defender with size and a reliable 3-point shot, much like Covington, who has become the 3-and-D poster boy in the modern NBA. Ceiling: Klay Thompson.

Watching Nesmith's smooth shooting stroke coming off of screens, it's hard not to think of Thompson. Nesmith profiles as an elite 3-point shooter 52 percent on 8. Floor: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. There's a chance that Nesmith's shooting last season in just 14 games was a bit of an anomaly. If he shoots closer to the 34 percent he made as a freshman, he'll end up being more like Caldwell-Pope, a streaky shooter who makes for a strong rotation piece.

Sweet spot: Joe Harris. Nesmith probably won't reach Thompson's caliber on either end, but he could potentially match Harris, who has become one of the most efficient 3-point shooters in the league while holding his own defensively. Ceiling: Andre Iguodala. Okoro will likely never become a prolific 3-point shooter, but he can potentially become an elite wing defender while thriving in transition and on cuts, much like Iguodala.

It's easy to see Okoro becoming one of those players who just makes everyone better as his career progresses. Floor: Thabo Sefolosha. If the offense never comes, Okoro is looking at a career more like Sefolosha's, as a coveted wing defender who gets matched up against some of the league's best scorers. It's realistic to imagine Okoro having a career like Wallace, who made an All-Star team, an All-Defense team and once led the league in steals.

Wallace never developed a consistent 3-point shot, but he was a valuable contributor nonetheless. A three-time All-Star, Francis was a point per game scorer who also averaged six assists for his career, and that's not out of the realm of possibilities for Anthony. What Francis lacked in efficiency, he made up for in aggressiveness and confidence, and Anthony seems cut from a similar cloth. Floor: Shabazz Napier. Napier has been a solid backup for most of his career, and that could ultimately be the destiny of Anthony if he doesn't manage to find consistency at the NBA level.

Sweet spot: Reggie Jackson. More of a scorer than a distributor, Anthony could fall into a similar role as Jackson, who has moments of brilliance occasionally offset by moments of utter frustration. There are also injury concerns surrounding Anthony, just like those that have plagued Jackson for the last few seasons.

Ceiling: Pascal Siakam. Williams is a hot name rising up draft boards, and Siakam is a great example why. Williams put up modest numbers at Florida State but is an athletic, lump of clay ready for the right team to mold him into an All-NBA player. Floor: Al-Farouq Aminu. Williams shot 32 percent from the 3-point line at FSU, and if that never improves then he'll likely become a player like Aminu -- a useful defender whom opponents dare to shoot from beyond the arc.

Why are you asking rent newly? We've a bet every month, right? I've done Yoga and followed Mantena Sathyanarayana's diet too. Even if it is last time for you, my first answer is the same. This month's rent too gone! Brother, as they bowl, hit a six! Forget about those young girls, I'm also falling for his charm. Nothing son, watching you makes me wish live for few more days. Kick of victory is different. Thrill of victory is different. If you win in this bet, I'll give Rs.

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These things sometimes get out of hand, like when folks compared Adam Morrison to Larry Bird, so we decided to take a more careful approach with a handful of this year's top prospects.

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Betting raja poster size Withtorrent Collection 0 V Why are you beating me like ringing bells in a school every hour? Bezerra, Joaquim A. Investigators: Pilot violation led to Kobe helicopter crash Jasmyn Wimbish 1 min read. Nothing son, watching you makes me wish live for few more days. If Hayes can improve his 3-point stroke the way Conley did, he can have a solid career as a borderline All-Star and key contributor on contending teams.

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