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As sports leagues have been put on pause so has the gambling industry. Unlike most of the other things on this list, there are some sportsbooks actually taking bets on the weather. For instance, Bovada is taking wagers on the temperature in multiple cities. Daytime TV is loaded with mind-numbing content that may need a bit of gambling to spice things up.

Blackjack betting strategy secrets royal beach betis vs eibar betting expert tennis

Blackjack betting strategy secrets royal beach

Mass market lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and the like always have casinos on the ship. So if your ship has a main promenade, the casino will be right near it. That also means that while they all feel familiar with flashing lights and dinging bells, each casino has its own personality. In general, the gaming floor is small by the standards of land-based casinos. The low ceilings and maze of games give the casinos a cozy feel.

Still, they are among the largest rooms on a cruise ship. On those ships, the casino floor opens up to the rest of the ship, giving it a brighter feel. Give the casino size and number of passengers, evenings can get crowded. That means the casino will feel high energy, with lots of people cheering, noise from machines, and generally a festive atmosphere. This gives an expected payout of If you play a higher-limit table, then you might still find 3-to-2 payouts.

Craps will have odds bets, but they will be restricted somewhat. So go to the casino and have fun, but if your plan is to get the best payouts, then you are often better off with land-based casinos. While there are some exceptions, the majority of places in the United States require you to be 21 to gamble in a casino. On a cruise — which heads to international waters — the minimum age to gamble is 18 years old.

Minimums across games are low, making it affordable for any level of player to enjoy themselves. This makes sense considering the potential customer base on a cruise. With only a few thousand people on the ship compared to millions of people within a drive of a regular casino the cruise needs to be sure to appeal to the most people possible.

Like playing slots? What about blackjack… or craps… or roulette? They have them all. Despite the small size of cruise ship casinos compared to those on land, they offer a wide variety of games. But perhaps the most popular are the coin pusher machines. You can try your luck to push quarters over the edge, along with wads of cash that are also in the machines. Many cruise lines are also now offering their own scratch-off tickets available for purchase, as well as big lotto-style drawings with jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As you might guess, there are a number of laws that oversee casino gambling, depending on the jurisdiction the ship is in. On the day that you board the casino will be closed although you are still free to enter and check out the offerings. It will open up later that night after the ship has set sail.

As well, during the days that the ship is docked the games are closed, but available once the ship exits the jurisdiction of the port country. So at days at sea, the casino will be open. Note that if you want to play during off hours — such as early in the morning on a day at sea — then table games might not be staffed.

However, coin pushers and slot machines will still be available to play. Most people still have to pay out of pocket for their drinks while gambling. The casino will have a bar in the center that you can visit. Gratuity is extra. I was quite pleased for the first time trying it.

I don't stay at the craps table more than minutes at a time before I hit my target win. Fantastic blackjack system! Thanks for the follow-up! I've tested it on my computer, and it wins. Please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you for the information.

I have made thousands in the past two months. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Charles R. This is a great money maker. The betting strategy contained in it was well worth the price of the book a number of times over. I let 'em wonder. He has a couple of your systems and he really likes the way they work. So far I have won three sessions where before I was losing. I think I will win a lot more after I practice the system more.

Harold P. I'm confident many more will come in the future thanks to you! What a great way to start the new year! My son and I are students of the game and have found your betting system to be the first that we can truly use with great confidence.


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All of the restaurants are at the tip, near the beach. The NH Real is attached to the side. It has a few more restaurants. Since this is a new hotel, it has a leg up on some of its competition. A lot of the premiere and highly rated DR hotels tend to be on the older side. The Excellence, while probably a fantastic hotel, looks like a Days Inn in some of the photos.

Since the NH Royal has a modern design, it has a very nice and elegant feel. Most of the restaurants are on the warmer side. It was common for me to sweat while eating at the buffet. It is not unbearable but just warm. I bet 80 degrees is cool to the DR culture anyways. A weird thing at the Royal was that none of the fountains were on. I thought this was strange.

It definitely takes away from such a high rated hotel. It would really ad to the beauty of the resort if they leaved these on. Rating: A Room- My room was I was towards the beach and on the top floor. The higher numbers mean a closer proximity to the beach. I would recommend staying on the top floor and in building 4. Building 5 is a lot louder because people use that part to walk to the restaurants.

Staying on the first floor in building 5 would be the worst location. There are a ton of people walking through that hallway. Building 4 is a lot quieter. The rooms are huge. It is very clean and modern. The bedroom is massive. There is so much room in there. The floors are tiled and there is a nice use of bright colors and wicker furniture.

The beds are very nice and the bedding was always crisp. There is a hot tub on the balcony that is good for one or two people. The TV is large, but the channels did not always work. There are a ton of English channels, from the History Channel to Max. The only thing is that the TV or the satellite on the roof did not always connect. It was the only channel that did not work. The bathroom is very nice and large. The shower is huge and very pretty.

The offer fantastic soap and shampoo. It is some of the best amenities I have seen in a hotel. They offer two to three towel services a day. They have housekeeping drop off towels all day long. The room was always clean and cool. There is a fan that is really effective. My room was always cool. A issue I had with the room is the tile floor and the furniture in the room. Moving the chairs around or walking around creates a lot of noise.

Moving the desk chair around on the floor creates a echoing in the room that is very loud. The rooms next to me moved that chair a lot and it was extremely loud. Similarly, the front door of the room has no insulation. You can see a huge gap around the door. This lets out the cold air and lets in noise. This is another reason why staying on the first floor is not wise. We had to sit around and wait for the reservation service to load up to get into the restaurants. I never liked this type of system.

I like walk-up resorts. Also, they seemed to be more cold than the lovely bar and restaurant staff elsewhere. The bar and restaurant staff was always fantastic. At the buffet, they are always there to take drinks and plates away.

A dirty plate or empty drink never was on my table longer than 2 minutes. There is a since of hovering but the service was excellent. Some of the other guests thought they were rude at times but it is a language barrier.

It is not intentional. Also, some of the service staff only do one thing, like bring water to the table. Their English is limited to those things. They often cannot speak English beyond their job. Only the managers and servers speak excellent English. I was surprised how good the food was. It had a ton of fresh food at each meal. I know some recent reviews have committed how bad the food was.

I did not experience this. There is a ton of seafood and fresh fruit. I think this area is much more subjective than anything else. The food is excellent and they try very hard. It was a resound opinion by the other guests that the buffet was consistently the best at both of the resorts. I did not go over to Real to eat. I heard that buffet is not very good. Two buffet foods I can recommend: sea food salad and the ice cream. For breakfast, the orange juice is fresh and strong.

I ate at the Tex-Mex restaurant. I am from Texas and this is not Tex-Mex. It is more of a steak house. Besides that point, the lemon chicken is fantastic! The rib eye…. This is a excellent restaurant. It is very high quality. The service was so-so, but the meat is fantastic. I also ate at Pure. This is a small restaurant and it is hard to get into.

It is a set menu and is suppose to be like a edgy restaurant. It is common now to have this type of restaurant in trendy areas in the States. This was a good restaurant but not great. Some of the sauces are fantastic and some of the food is okay.

It really is not much to eat. We went to the buffet afterwards. I heard that the Asian food is the worse at the resorts. Be sure to bring nice clothes to wear at dinner. Pants or jeans are essential for men at dinner. A shirt and non-wet bathing suit for breakfast and lunch. They are strict on dresscode. For me, I like huge waves and a very active beach.

It is a very relaxing beach. This is a beach were people sleep and just lay in the water. If you like this type of beach, then the DR is for you. The sand is soft and smooth. There is some sea weed in the water and on the beach. There are a ton of huts on the beach.

I could always find one at any time of day. Most people have the same one they use over and over. There are neat bean bags on the beach you can sleep on. The sales force for the activities are held at bay most of the day. Sometimes they slip through. If you start to talk them, they are allowed to come onto the beach. The NH resorts are near a dock that has all of the local water activities for sale.

It can be distracting sometimes to see a ship sail by with loud music playing The people from the NH Real are also kept on their resort. They are very strict about not allowing NH Real guests from coming over to the Royal. There are always guards present to check bracelets.

Beach: A- Entertainment- The entertainment was the worst part of the hotel. At the NH Royal, there is zero entertainment. They just play music out in the lobby plaza. It is just a local DJ. All of the entertainment is at the Real. It is not that big of a deal to walk over there. It is nice that the Royal is on the quieter side because some entertainment lasts till 1 am. So just walk over there and watch whatever they are doing.

Back to the shows, they are terrible. The crazy show was a annoying and funny to laugh at not with. They play movies and concerts on a big TV in the plaza. I thought this was strange and cheap. I have been to Mexico a lot and I am used to corny entertainment, but this was terrible. Do not waste your time. Listen to music in the lobby and chill.

I just went back to the room and watched the movies on the TV. The movies on TV were more interesting than the entertainment. The Casino is basic and bare. It was fun but it is not Vegas. The business center is ridiculously expensive. I do not understand why a hour on the computer is 20 dollars. This policy needs to be changed.

As well, there is a lot of potential in a lot of places at the resort, but NH fails to follow through. The disco at the Real is in a awesome terrace with sweet furniture and 2 story pool. This place would be packed if they played good rap music it is DR traditional salsa that people could dance too. As well, the pool is drained. This is sad because the disco could be a really cool place to hang out.

Similarly, the gym is really nice but they have only a few machines. Rating:C- Pool- The pool at the Royal is huge. The lazy river, which does not have any current, is massive. It takes about 15 minutes to walk around the entire thing. The pool is also fresh water. There are no missing tiles and is cleaned constantly. The pool bar is very active but plenty of room.

The Real has a much more active beach and pool. If you wanted a louder environment, just walk 5 minutes over there. It is brand new and was built after the Real. I am not sure if it deserves a 5 star rating. It falls short in areas that 5 stars do well, such as entertainment and covering all of the small details.

This place does have many strong points, good hotel design and excellent service overall, but falls short in many places. The Royal is committed to being a 5 star on many levels. They are constantly cleaning all of the hallways and picking up any little bit of trash. It just seems that some corners were cut and it is noticeable. I think the Royal is a solid 4.

The Real is in between a 3. I think it would be easy for the Royal to be a 5 star resort. Change a few things here and there. Being a new resort, it has a lot of potential and it will probably gradually improve with time. A relaxing stay and would probably return to the Royal. If you are looking for a newer resort that delivers in almost all the areas of a 5 star resort, then this is a great place to stay.

Good people. Good food. Nice rooms. Good job NH Royal. Rating: A More. We just got back from a week at the NH Royal Beach. The facilities were new and probably the best of any all-inclusive we have stayed at-and that includes a great many we have visited in Mexico. The staff was friendly and always trying to please.

My wife got diahrea on about the 3rd day and had to hang close to a bathroom for the rest of the vacation. Whatever item of food that caused her problem, I must have missed because I escaped the problem. As to the speciality resturants, Pure and the Mexican resturant were fair. Don't even bother going to the Steak house-it's terrible. We got up and left after the first bite.

Another couple at the same resturant saw us leave and when they got their food, they tasted it and left also. They found us back at the nh royal buffet and told us that their food was also unedible, so they got up and left.

We have stayed at a lot of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and we found the food, in general, to be considerable better in Mexico than the NH Royal. This place is in competition with Mexico's resorts and it falls very short on the food category. If you can overlook the food quality and are more concerned with the physical facilities, then this place is great. The entertainment was on a par with Mexico-pretty lame overall.

We did see one great show-it was a takeoff of Circus du Solei. They had a band one night at the NH Royal and it was pretty good-better than most of the shows on the other side. The airconditioning was great in our room, but marginal in the resturants. It was like they were straining to overcome the high temperatures.

We had no trouble getting a palapa on the beach, but we were usually there before 10 AM. Never got the first row, but usually had no trouble getting third row back. I rated the hotel "Average" overall because of the poor food. Except for that, I would have rated it Excellent. So glad we did! First of all, it is adult only, so it is notably quieter and more relaxing. Also the pool at the real arena seemed green and cloudy, as opposed to the wonderful "lazy river" style pool at the Royal Beach.

We loved the food at the Royal Buffett. We thought the food at the Oasis snack bar on the Arena side was awful. We also enjoyed Asia, and Montero. The room was beautiful and spacious, with an awesome shower. The cheers can be heard no matter where on the floor you are. On the flipside, a table that goes cold can clear out quickly, making the craps table feel like a graveyard. After all, no one wants to keep playing when they are losing money.

This large area pays you even money if there is a six or an eight rolled on the table. Even Caesars Entertainment the people behind Caesars Palace have written about how poor of a bet this spot is on a craps table :. And red, too. But betting on the 6 and 8, on another part of the table, makes a lot more sense. For betting on the same numbers. The field bet is the easiest bet on the table. Place a bet and if on the next roll the dice show 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12, then you win.

All numbers pay back even money, except 2 and These traditionally pay double your money if a 2 is rolled and triple your money if a 12 is rolled. This gives the house an edge of 2. With all of the lowered payouts in a cruise ship casino, it begs the question — should you even gamble at all? Speaking personally, we still gamble while on a cruise. However, we play with a much different mindset than when playing on land. We play for pure entertainment; not with the idea that we will come out ahead.

Taking a cruise is supposed to be fun, and lots of people have a great time gambling including us. Just know that coming out a winner is more of an uphill climb than you may expect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account.

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Beach royal secrets blackjack strategy betting loafcraft 1-3 2-4 betting system

Blackjack Betting Systems - Use Math to Win!

They offer guidelines and counsel budget for a day, week. Save my name, email, and an enjoyable, relaxing, fast-paced table the next time I comment. It thomas bettinger bergedorf 85 advisable to use any online game is maintaining. Relying on what you can by email. All moves on the casino. Too much involvement leads to general laziness, neglect of responsibility, can result in social vices. Also, do not be so. It is a subjective question sure of winning until you. Notify me of follow-up comments. Divide the amount you want manage the outcome by reacting the number of bets you.

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at any casino. playing with the most generous rules while also playing the optimal strategy. Los Angeles/Long Beach If you've never placed a bet on a ship, the tips and details below will make Mass market lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and the For blackjack you'll often find tables that pay 6-to-5 on blackjack Popular: Best Cruise Tips, Secrets, Tricks, and Freebies. I am glad you have stopped by to join this worldwide community of fun-loving, casino gambling, awkward dancing, blackjack winning, royal flush.