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As sports leagues have been put on pause so has the gambling industry. Unlike most of the other things on this list, there are some sportsbooks actually taking bets on the weather. For instance, Bovada is taking wagers on the temperature in multiple cities. Daytime TV is loaded with mind-numbing content that may need a bit of gambling to spice things up.

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Nba betting strategy

When doing your NBA research, look for plus. The betting experts at TheSportsGeek. This can be best explained by the fact that defense takes more effort than offense, with players playing with less defensive intensity while tired. These insights are certainly something to consider when betting on NBA. Each of these factors can cause a significant drop off in performance from game to game.

If the Lakers succeed, you win your wager and make a small profit. If the Warriors score points plus, you will have covered your previous loss and made some extra cash. The keys to the Martingale System are a giant set of balls, patience, a hefty bankroll , and a knowledge of statistical trends. These factors will go a long way towards predicting the final score.

But, it has a lot less financial risk due to its more conservative nature. The Tunnel Betting System takes advantage of the fact that competing bookmakers offer different total points lines, while offering the same odds.

For example, if one bookmaker has the total points line for the Bulls vs. Spurs at In both cases the Bulls are listed as -9 point favorites. When using the Tunnel System, you would bet the over If the final total score between the Bulls and Spurs is The Tunnel System also requires the bettor to do their fair share of study. If you do find one, jump on it! Heavily-favored home teams that just enjoyed a big win only cover the spread That means that a road underdog facing a heavy home favorite coming off a massive win is a very solid bet ATS with a In the past, bookmakers have underestimated the scoring in cross-conference matchups.

In the Non Conference Overs system, the bettor first looks for a matchup between cross-conference matchups. Once a game in which an East team plays a West team is found, look for the totals points lines offered by the bookmaker. Interestingly, Allen Moody, a professional sports gambler that is noted above int the High Totals System , used this system over 5-years, where it won Find teams with plus.

The point spread should move the odds closer to even money, meaning this has great value. This can also provide an opportunity to parlay both bets. For example, should you lose your first 3 wagers but win the 4th, you will still be marginally down overall.

Despite winning a bet, you proceed to the 5th staking value in the progression. If that bet wins, you start over. If it loses, you continue to the 6th progressive amount. Because of this, if you lose the first 5 bets, start over without going forward to the 6th.

One of the big frustrations you often hear from NBA coaches and players are about scheduled B2B back-to-back games. The majority of casual bettors treat all B2Bs equally, which is incorrect. The smart play is to spot the early-season B2Bs, before the long road trips and the harsh physicality of the NBA season take their toll. Indicating that anything below odds will have value, and since this bet is ATS, the odds should be closer to , which is great value. Once again, the bettor is making a bet ATS, so the payout is close to even money.

If the home team is a Make sure not to make this bet on the ML, because although they cover the spread at an impressive rate, these teams lose the game most of the time. Another way to use this system and increase your odd of winning is to bet only the first half of games. The best way to remove that humiliating defeat from memory is to smash the next opponent.

That extra motivation will likely be more impactful in the 1st half before they settle into playing their typical game. The Zig-Zag system can be used for many sports. It is most often used when betting on playoff games in sports that play a best-of series rather than single elimination game.

The Zig-Zag system works under the assumption that bookmakers and novice bettors overreact to recent game outcomes and that playoff teams will respond to losses with extra motivation. Whichever team lost the last game is the team that you then wager ATS.

But, on its own, this system only wins The system works better when the team recovering from a loss is playing at home, especially when the previous loss occurred on their home court. Should this scenario present, the odds of winning ATS are largely dependent on the size of the point spread. The reason for this is that having more Outs greatly increases your chance of getting the best number. For example, You live in LA, and you feel that the Lakers are underrated by the market, and you think they will keep it close against the Celtics on a given night.

You check your local sportsbook, and you see the spread is 8 points in favor of the Celtics. Meanwhile, your friend in New Jersey — where there are more Celtics supporters — goes to his local sportsbook and sees that the Celtics are favored by 8. That extra half point made all the difference. Although it may seem like a longshot that a game will end exactly on the spread number, it happens more than you think. As you progress as a bettor, you will notice tendencies between different sportsbooks — what types of bettors they serve — and will be able to use that information to quickly find the best number for any given game.

If you live in Nevada you will have multiple outs available to you with relative ease. There are a litany of unique sports books where you can shop for the best spread or total number. You will find that some books cater to professional or sharp bettors, and some books cater more to recreational bettors or square bettors — you can use this information to find the best number for any given wager.

At time of writing this guide, there are seven other states that have legalized sports betting — and this number is poised to increase quickly in the near future. Although there may be one or two physical Sportsbooks established so far in these states, it is always a benefit to have a local option that might have a better number on some games than online options. In established states such as New Jersey, there are over 10 online sportsbooks to shop odds and spread your bankroll around.

The majority of people at the moment do not have access to local sportsbooks, but anybody with an internet connection has access to online or offshore sportsbooks. Some of the most common ones are Bovada largest , 5dimes, Betonline. What some may not know is that all the offshore sportsbooks are illegal in the US. The issue is until all states legalize online sports betting, people are left with few options and turn to illegal online sportsbooks.

What many find is that, along with being illegal, you can lose your money. It can take several weeks to get a payout if and when you request a withdrawal. Because of US law, it is often impossible for them to simply directly deposit funds into your account. More often than not, these websites will need to mail you a check. Going from having 1 out to having 2 outs, or 1 sportsbook option to 2 sportsbook options, is a gigantic advantage because usually one of your two options will have the best number available.

Going from 2 to 3 outs is also hugely valuable. After that, however, having 3,4,5 outs while still valuable makes less of a difference than going from 1 to 2. Every spread is determined primarily by three general factors: 1. The Power Rankings of the two teams, 2. Situational factors coming into the game. A Power Ranking is a listing of teams, based on overall strength.

These rankings will illustrate how teams would fare against an average team. On Lineups. We update the rankings on a regular basis. Everyone who is serious about betting the NBA should keep their own Power Rankings, updating them regularly based on the play of the teams as well as injuries that might affect the future performance of the teams. Meaning if two even-strength teams face each other, the home team will typically be favored by 3 points — which accounts for the comfort of sleeping in your own home, the encouragement of the home fans, and arguably the preferred treatment of the referees toward the home team.

If you think a spread is correct, then there is no way to profitably make money betting on the game. A good rule of thumb is to not bet any game unless you think the spread is at least 2 points off. The reason to shoot for a 2-point edge is that it provides a margin of error. Even if you are 1 point off, you are still going to break even or have a slight gain over the long run.

In the above example, we have accessed that the correct line for Bucks Warriors should be Warriors Given a 2-point edge rule, I will only bet the Warriors if I can get Warriors Bookmakers, however dastardly, are good at what they do. Often teams in the middle of a stretch against high-quality teams will not play as hard when faced with a lesser opponent.

Teams in a flat spot will often play significantly below their typical power rankings. Look Ahead Game: An example of a Flat Spot Game is a game that is just before a very important or challenging game for the team. The team focusing on the next game will often overlook their current opponent and play below their typical power ranking.

Home Team Down in a Playoffs series: — An example of a home-run spot. Historically teams at home that are down in the playoffs play as their lives depended on it, especially at home where their fans feel the desperation and the need to encourage their team.

The motivation for them to win — and save their season — is much higher than their opponents, and these teams typically play above their general power ranking. Ensure when you place your bet that you have the most up-to-date information possible. Because of this phenomenon, some bettors advise that you make your bet as close to the tip as possible. Others point out that a game-changing injury announcement is as likely to go against the opponent as it does against the team your betting on.

So as long as you know the latest — you are not necessarily at a disadvantage as news unfolds. When you do hear about a game-changing injury — often, that is your time to pounce. Markets are not hyper-efficient and might take hours to adjust to the news. The line dropped from -3 to -2 before tip-off. In other words, most people that bet the game bet the Nuggets — a surging team with a young star that is 1 in their conference.

But the people who bet A LOT i. Websites such as Pregame.


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With the number of games comes some familiarity with the opponent. Teams can game plan and defenses know what to expect. When you add in a total that falls by a point because of sharp money, the Under has tremendous value. If you also look at Offensive Pace data and find a team in the bottom half of the league, you have a no-brainer. Divisional Unders that experience a point drop are a strong value for bettors.

If you really want to succeed with your NBA betting this season, read the injury report daily. It is released three times each day, the last one coming at PM ET. Teams have to release their starting lineup 30 minutes before tip-off. Oftentimes, you can find out if a player will miss a game by checking the injury report throughout the day.

You can supplement that by checking Twitter and Instagram for updates. You would be surprised what you can find out by trolling social media. There are times when you can learn of a change in injury status on Twitter before you see it on the injury report. This can help you capitalize on a good number. Email Address. Your email:. Sports Betting News Online. Seen on:. Bet the Road Dog In addition to home teams, the betting public loves favorites.

When to Take the Under Just like home teams and favorites, the betting public also loves Overs. Tags: against the spread , basketball , bet , betting , betting tips , how to bet , nba , sports betting , wagering Category: , Basketball , NBA. Subscribe to Articles via Email Get notification delivered to your email address. Opt out at any time. Good and bad feedback welcome. Teams that are defensive focused and more methodical on the defensive end will be on the lower end of possessions due to their playing style.

Determining how a game might play out from a tempo and scoring perspective can be easier than picking the winner on the point spread or moneyline. NBA Live Betting is very fun and popular. In fact, no NBA betting strategy could be complete without including some in-game action. Basketball is a game of runs. Teams will often score 10 points in a row, before going cold, then the other team may go on a run, and so on.

For example, if Golden State was , but you opted not to take them before the start of the game, and their opponent started off with a run, this price might decrease to or lower. The NBA season is an game grind. Even for what some think are the best athletes in the world, the wear and tear of the basketball season take a toll on every team.

Some teams react to fatigue better than others. There are multiple times during the season that teams will play three games in four nights, and there are rare occasions when they play four games in five nights. The players are making millions and should give it all they have on a given night, but we would be fools to think they are playing their best game when fatigued.

Tired legs and minds equal short jumpers and careless turnovers. Letdown spots are commonplace for even the best teams after a grueling stretch of games. One of the best things that could happen to you with NBA Playoffs betting is when you have a team down two games to none going into Game 3.

The team that has the upper hand in the game will certainly affect the amount of scoring or total points in an NBA game.

With NBA basketball, having a reliable betting strategy that you can use regardless of team match-ups gives you a fighting chance against the bookmakers.

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