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As sports leagues have been put on pause so has the gambling industry. Unlike most of the other things on this list, there are some sportsbooks actually taking bets on the weather. For instance, Bovada is taking wagers on the temperature in multiple cities. Daytime TV is loaded with mind-numbing content that may need a bit of gambling to spice things up.

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Reggie middleton bitcoins

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In brief, the website talks about random topics without any clarity or flow. While it mentions peer-to-peer capital markets, it sells products that have nothing to do with P2P trading. Instead, it sells cryptocurrency analyses in exchange for VERI tokens, but these analyses are just copies of existing analyses that are available free of charge. He tried to get people interested in Veritaseum by telling them that the platform will allow them to trade assets, including stocks, without having to visit any broker, bank, or financial agency.

He claimed that VERI tokens can be used to represent a wide range of investments. In doing so, he borrowed heavily from the bitShares concept—the concept of using tokens to represent something of value. A number of people had realized that a lot of money could be made from initial coin offerings. As previously mentioned, those who had invested in initial coin offerings ICOs ended up making a lot of money.

The tokens or coins were available at a heavy discount during the ICOs. They were then sold for a higher rate as more and more investors got interested in them. Once everybody closely associated with the scam cryptocurrency made their money, the coin was abandoned. Bad Reports: Verisateum reports were of poor quality. They were copied and pasted from the website of Gnosis. They made revenue projections that held no water and had neither form nor substance.

Those who read the reports agreed that they had absolutely no quality. Surprisingly, VERI had a large daily trade volume on this small exchange. He expressed so much passionate interest in the coin that people started noticing it and investing in it. Crypt0 might have done this for financial gains. The project had to be shut down because it just did not get popular. According to a Reddit user, the software was downloaded times, but was just never used.

Nobody knows much about him. Nobody knows what exactly he did for a living before he turned to cryptocurrencies. Experts suspect that the hack could be an insider job, but nobody has any proof. As many as million coins are expected to be mined. Veritaseum has the largest trade volume at EtherDelta. If the top ten coins are taken out of the list, the average trading volume drops to 2. Veritaseum occupies the 98th place among these coins. If Veritaseum moves to another exchange such as Bittrex or Poloniex, its true value will be known.

Stock Market Has Not Yet Implemented Blockchain Technology: This is the biggest reason to steer clear of Veritaseum, which claims that any financial asset, including stocks, can be traded on its platform. I hate thieves. At the time, actual loss data remained unclear. This address is where interested investors should send their Ether to in order to receive CoinDash tokens in return.

A few days later, it posted a notice on the otherwise dead site that an update had gone awry and asked customers to be patient. Hackers had exploited a known vulnerability. Unfortunately, while programmers were working on fixing this and other problems, an unknown attacker began using this approach to start draining The DAO of ether collected from the sale of its tokens.

Each time, the hot wallets were cleaned out. Gox, largest heist so far see above. Is this Peak Crypto Craziness? This is what happened over the weekend ten days ago. Search for:. It starts with nightmarish messages like this: Yesterday, we discovered that funds were improperly removed from the Tether treasury wallet through malicious action by an external attacker. Trending Now. Follow Us.


Middleton said programming the currency would allow people to create unbreakable contracts and create monetary policy that emulates Google's processes. Middleton even has a bitcoin startup called Veritaseum, which offers a product called UltraCoin. He said that UltraCoin mimics the business functions of investment banks, brokerages and exchanges with bitcoin. He also talked about Apple Inc. Benzinga does not provide investment advice.

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This is despite a previous warning by Enigma that it would not collect money in this way until its ICO in September. Store of Value :. They went through quite a bit of effort, alas going through that much effort caused them to leave a bread crumb trail as well. I hate thieves. At the time, actual loss data remained unclear. This address is where interested investors should send their Ether to in order to receive CoinDash tokens in return.

A few days later, it posted a notice on the otherwise dead site that an update had gone awry and asked customers to be patient. Hackers had exploited a known vulnerability. Unfortunately, while programmers were working on fixing this and other problems, an unknown attacker began using this approach to start draining The DAO of ether collected from the sale of its tokens.

Each time, the hot wallets were cleaned out. Gox, largest heist so far see above. Is this Peak Crypto Craziness? This is what happened over the weekend ten days ago. Search for:. Or you could go to the block chain and see exactly where the funds are. Trace Mayer: Each individual is able to control their own private keys, but then enter into these smart contracts with other users, but do it in a complete peer-to-peer way.

Reggie Middleton: Right. Ultra-coin acts as basically the messenger where it takes the information and fill the small contract data to the users. Now in that fashion theoretically you have to be online twenty-four hours a day to accept the contract. You can give ultra-coin servers the authority to hold one key out of a multisig. The ultra-coin server can allow that contract to be entered into on your behalf, okay. But only with the instructions that you give it and those instructions are limited to only entering a contract.

Your funds can never be taken, compromised, et cetera. You can have a worst case scenario where the deal is compromised and then you have to roll back to where you were in the beginning. An example of that compromise would be if you have a massive earthquake and everywhere that the ultra-coin servers happen to be is destroyed. Reggie Middleton: Yeah. Trace Mayer: Now you drop the bomb that a lot of people might not have caught.

You said and this was a couple minutes ago, you said that the ultra-coin servers are acting as the Oracle as talked about in the whitepaper. Even when Bitcoin was originally architected. Can you expand on that a little bit? Reggie Middleton: Let me tell how I got started.

I know math because it comes to Spreadsheets, you know, balance sheets, et cetera. Reggie Middleton: That is very true. But when I did, December 23rd of , I took a look at it and I realized the media is the media. So I want to go straight to the source. The first thing I did was look up the bitcoin whitepaper. So I called the different bitcoin — well-respect authorities, but those who are well-respected in the bitcoin community and I asked them why and I was getting various reasons.

But there are examples of it out floating around that worked. Satoshi was talking directly to people such as myself. If you focus on the small account of value which is what a bitcoin is a lowercase B. What other people call it currency you are missing the entire point. Trace Mayer: Yeah, because currency is just one application of how this new virtual commodity can actually be used or applied, right?

It is the vehicle for communicating within the protocol. Trace Mayer: Much larger, yeah. Trace Mayer: — logical or physical communication channels be transferring value and now ultra-coin is getting into using that in a very novel and innovative way. Reggie Middleton: Exactly. They call it bitcoin 2. Reggie Middleton: But we can get to — if you consider bitcoin 2. This is a pure new paradigm solution and product. And so the swaps, the derivatives, the entire concept is based upon this particular technology.

Wall Street is first. We have law, intellectual property, real estate, insurance, health care. We have an entire string of business plans and products in tow. Not only technically eliminating the need for them, but we are marketing the fact that he is no longer necessary. Trace Mayer: So I mean, and there are a lot of different middlemen all throughout that chain.

Reggie Middleton: Laws, regulations have to be totally rewritten. They were written — I compare it to transportation. You have traffic laws, parking laws, parking permit, et cetera that assume people will be driving cars or riding bicycles or driving a truck or a motor cycle.

You can think of in terms of a hover bike. You could think of interstellar space travel. You could think of interdimensional space travel. So what is the traffic ticket for going through dimension to dimension, going back in time? Now it sounds like science fiction except for the fact that you can now do that right now with bitcoin. Not interdimensional travel, but you could do intercontinental.

For instance, we take entire assets classes, entire assets and encapsulate the value into the block chain. We take the actual value of the asset and fill it to the block chain. That changes the entire game. You have to rewrite and not only you have to rewrite laws, you have to rewrite the concept behind the laws. Trace Mayer: Well, in a lot of ways, like, laws are just getting rewritten not in legal code but in software code.

Reggie Middleton: And most importantly there are unbreachable. Our slogan is unbreakable promise, or in more legal terms, the unbreachable contract. If you have a contract that cannot be breached you by default have no need for courts, legislation. Reggie Middleton: Enforcement, administration and remedy are all the same entity right now. Ultra-coin is extensifying or even building on top of that.

I got an email a few weeks ago from Greg Maxwell. What features would you like to see built into bitcoin? I mean you put entire industries. Like a lot of the entire function of the state. I mean, do we need anything done to the core protocol to make this possible in your opinion? Like I mean, what should we do? Believe it or not, nobody has ever posed it to me. Even though I am obviously biased. Some type of messaging capability inherent within the bitcoin protocol itself.

So you could send explicit direct. I even call it messages, but communications within the bitcoin protocol. Something like that. So you could have a bitcoin transfer or something very simple. You have a bitcoin transfer. So it could be a text message and that message can be a set of instructions written in regular plain simple English or Japanese, et cetera for the other side to receive.

And have a guaranteed reception, guaranteed transmission and you have the inability to alter the message. Trace Mayer: In the software codes already like written and standardized for all of that. Reggie Middleton: So with messaging, you know, that opens up capability significantly.

Reggie Middleton: Hopefully, positive things. Reggie Middleton: So what happens to those people? There are two things. They can take their intellectual capital, some of which is significant, and go into a different direction or they can try and fight this innovation by using their intellectual capacity to muddy it, to create opacity versus transparency in pricing or in price discovery or anything else.

All the discussion here what Apple is doing with Apple Pay. But Apple Pay is not new. Because they do tokenize the credit card and that token could then represent bitcoins instead of credit cards very easily. Reggie Middleton: You know, it should be unethical to the banks. The banks are liberally paying an extra fee for absolutely nothing. They already interface directly with the consumer. So to pay Apple five basis points, fifteen basis points to interface with the consumer which they already have seems nonsensical.

Trace Mayer: We can put our own picture on our cards. I mean, maybe bonus points or something. Trace Mayer: Well, yeah. They get their bonuses. And ironically, you know I had always thought that, like, big retailers actually it was cheaper. You know they got more economies of scale, but I think that there is actually a form of reverse economies of scale at work here.

Because I was reading in the Bitmat press release. They raised And when you think about it, like, a hacker do you want to steal a database with three million records or do you want to steal a database with sixty million records or seventy-six million record.

You want to Home Depot, Target, J. Morgan and so you get these reverse economies of scale work for their old, obsolete, held-together-by-duct-tape systems and a bitcoin disintermediation is all that. Reggie Middleton: On that note, you know, our first product Ultra-coin value trading system.

The second product is a payment system. Smart payments which itself as growing capabilities which means when you want to pay for something you re-disintermediate the payment processor in general and everybody connected to it. The values go through Bitcoin. Trace Mayer: Who stands to gain. Reggie Middleton: This is direct loss of capital by defrauding.