overbetting the flop house

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As sports leagues have been put on pause so has the gambling industry. Unlike most of the other things on this list, there are some sportsbooks actually taking bets on the weather. For instance, Bovada is taking wagers on the temperature in multiple cities. Daytime TV is loaded with mind-numbing content that may need a bit of gambling to spice things up.

Overbetting the flop house keith bettinger

Overbetting the flop house

Sounds like play money haha. Hey,ive been in games like this. Some wild ultraloose microstakes live can have players that never fold ef they have commited even a limp. They are rare though. This strategy may apply as well in microstakes mtt online. At the first levels where the stacks are deep,if there is action before you always jam with your pocket aces and kings. There will be a lot worse hands they will call you with. Of course sometimes you will lose to an ace in the river with KK vs A8.

But long term you crushed. It is, as usual, player dependent. At the micros NL2 especially it's full of people that will call your shove with any pair but also AQ, AJ, AT and the craziest one with any two cards I've seen calls with 5 9 off!!! On the other hand a good sized 3bet will often be called by regs only with a fairly small range that might have called a shove as well; obviously not the NITs and by the fishes with a such wide range that you will regret not having shoved I made a 16BB 3bet in a NL2 table and got called by 5 out of 6 opponents; at that point especially OOP things get harder because a flop cbet means all in anyway with a BB stack.

I have to agree with Dan above. I do much the same and get called a decent amount of the time. If you distribute your betting over all streets it ensures you lose the maximum on the occasions you are beat, but opponents frequently fold on the flop when they have missed. Not a good combination. It also means you are making your biggest bet on the River, when your hand is at it's weakest. Ed, It also takes post flop play out of it.

If you make a simple preflop raise with your aces in early position and lead out on the flop and are raised or check raised on the flop what do you do, right? Especially with a big effective stack size. Short stacked you can just shove, but deep stacked? Its tough. So I just shove preflop so I don't have to sweat post flop play.

I plan to play poker full time live by the end of the year. After all the years of books and being a fish and donkey I finally feel like I am getting an overall understanding of playing poker. Anyways to keep my story short playing online for practice is really helping and learning new ways and trying to applying certain plays also to live poker is helping. Just wanted to say thank you.

I mostly read and learn from you and Doug Polk these days. Glad I could help Paul, Doug Polk is great stuff too. All the best with your poker goals! Nathan, I get a lot of winrate mileage out of combining 's 2 and 3. I always advise that if you are afraid of getting pushed around, either one of the following two things is going to be true:.

Your opponent isn't bluffing you that often, so you shouldn't worry about getting pushed around so much, because it doesn't happen that often of the time. Your opponent is bluffing you that often, so you get to just click call, obviously. When you put it that way, this situation doesn't seem that scary from the button's perspective.

However, the problem is that the big blind also has so many value hands in his range. All of those value hands are what allows an overbet to be made with so many bluff hands without becoming exploitable. OK, so what can the button do about this strategy?

Well, one option is to start checking behind on the flop with big hands — overpairs, two pair, the straight, strong Qx, ace high flush draws, and all these types of holdings. However, this can lead to some horrific side-effects. On this board, there are many turn cards that kill action, often a disastrous result. It is also a very bad outcome when checking allows the big blind to realize his equity for free. To give up on a c-betting situation like this, the button has to know it is getting a ton of value on the turn by checking behind, but if the big blind is only overbetting the turn a third of the time or so, checking back flops is a big gamble to take for an induce that usually does not even work.

The key point here is that sometimes it is worth it to have unbalanced ranges, and this is one of those occasions from the button's perspective. It does not help enough to check behind big hands on this flop, even if the big blind is occasionally overbetting on the turn when this happens.

The button can choose to try to balance the ranges, or choose to leave the checking behind range capped or mostly capped , and either is a good result for the big blind. The only bad outcome for the big blind is if the small blind leaves his ranges capped and exploitable, but the big blind fails to follow through and attack.

Too often, that is actually the default play. This example can be used to illustrate both balanced and exploitative overbetting:. On this flop and turn, a balanced overbetting range from out of position could be composed of the following:. This is a fairly value-oriented range, but even if our opponent were to fold every time, it means that we win the pot every time we have T7, every time we have K4, every time we have a baby flush draw, every time we have And if he decides to hero call, well then great, we have plenty of stuff that benefits in a big way from a curious opponent.


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